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Conducive conditions for termite activity

Prevention is the best cure

Hell , Joe here the owner and sole operator of All Pest Control Cairns. keeping termites away from your house, in some cases is easier said than done. The design of your house and the way it is constructed, plays a big part in how termites find their way into your home. Firstly having an annual or biannual termite inspection is highly recommended. However there are a few simple things we can do around our properties that can greatly reduce the overall threat of termites entering your house. Here are a couple things to consider when looking for conducive conditions, that could be potentially inviting termites around your place for lunch.

 Termites need a constant supply of water, it is essential for their survival. So doing regular inspections of all your taps and making sure they are in good working order is essential. A dripping tap outside your house is all the encouragement a termite needs. Air conditioning overflows should be plumbed into available down pipes, or at least be directed away from your slab edges to prevent water accumulating. Termites are attracted to soil with a high moisture content, so prevention is the best cure. Subterranean termites have bodies that are able to store water, they have a pair of labial glands or salivary glands that are used to replenish moisture within termite leads, galleries and the termite nest to keep them alive. These salivary reservoirs are also used for wetting the food source they eat to help with digestion of dry timbers. So it is essential to keep all these area's around your home where water may accumulate, as dry as possible.

 Garden beds and heavy foliage against the your walls is highly conducive for termite activity, built up garden beds covering the slab edges where termite entry points maybe concealed and will go unnoticed. So it is good practice to keep these area's clear at all times. Dead trees, branches and stumps are a great food source for termites and are potential nesting sites. Keeping your yard clear of decaying vegetation will greatly reduce the threat of termites establishing them selves in your yard, limiting the risk of termites entering in your home.

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