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Cockroach treatments Cairns

Cockroaches are responsible for spreading various pathogens such as Salmonella, E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Causing dysentery and gastroenteritis making them a serious threat to you and your family. Before we carry out any pest control treatments at your property, it is essential for us to correctly identify what species of cockroaches we are treating. Cockroaches are adaptive and can breed rapidly, so a quick response is crucial in preventing them putting your family at risk. Having your food stored in air tight containers, taking out the kitchen bin daily.

Not leaving dishes in the sink over night and cleaning up and spills straight away, this will go a long way in preventing cockroaches becoming an infestation in your home. At All Pest Control Cairns – all of our products we use are scientifically tested and approved for safe use in your home. Your safety is our #1 priority. Or treatment methods are targeted and precise which include using gel baiting, flushing agents, dusting below cupboards in cracks and crevices and non repellent base sprays in key area’s for maximum control.

Ant control Cairns

Finding ants walking across your bench tops and getting into your cupboards eating your food can be frustrating, especially when ants frequently travel through unhygienic area’s transferring bacteria and disease causing pathogens across your food and kitchen utensils. Australia is home to 1,300 species of ants, some pest ants threaten our environment and cause substantial problems for the native wildlife. Ants are attracted to sweet substances and protein, so it is important to clean up any spillages straight away and keep all food products in air tight containers.

At All Pest Control Cairns, we use safe treatment methods to target different species of ants. Through gel baiting, dusting under kick boards inside cracks and crevices also using non-repellent insecticide base sprays to gain complete control. We also provide expert advice on conducive conditions in and around your home and how to improve or rectify problem area’s, in the most cost effective way.

Spider treatments Cairns

There are thousands of different species of spiders all over the world. The majority of spiders are not deadly to humans. though more dangerous situations can occur when us humans and our beloved pets come in contact with spiders such as the Redback spiders, trap door spiders, white-tailed spiders, mouse spiders, funnel- web spiders etc. The majority of spiders living in our homes are more of an annoyance particularly their webs which is an unsightly mess for most people.

Ground dwelling spiders are nocturnal so they are very active at night, and like to hide out in sheltered places such storage area's in old boxes, timber stacks, garden mulch, kids play equipment, inside shoes etc. When working in the garden it's a good idea to wear gloves, and be very cautious moving sheets of iron and building materials you may have stored around your property.

Controlling spiders in your home takes an integrated approach through chemical control by hiring a professional pest control company. Also cleaning webs down using a broom and vacuuming under couches, tables, behind curtains etc. All Pest Control Cairns has you covered!

Fleas & tick treatments Cairns

Ticks are found in a variety habitats across the coastal regions of eastern Australia and can be found all year round. Bandicoots are common hosts as are many mammals and pets like dogs are frequency infested. Paralysis ticks initially cause local itchiness and a hard lump at the site of the bite, followed by more serious symptoms presenting themselves over a number of days.

These include flu like symptoms, rashes, an unsteady gait, weak limbs and partial face paralysis. 
Other problems associated with Paralysis Tick bites are allergic reactions ranging from mild itching and swelling to potentially life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Children are the most susceptible to problems caused by ticks as they may not be able to communicate, they have been bitten and so ticks can be feeding on them for a number of days by which time their symptoms are quite advanced. 

All Pest Control Cairns provide expert tick and flea control, Talk to us today about our end of lease tick & flea treatments.

Rental vacate sprays Cairns, call today on 0401 365 239.

Vacate pest control Cairns
Termite treatments Cairns

Termite management Cairns

Cairns has a perfectly suited environment for termites to thrive, 1 in 3 homes are affected by termites causing substantial damage and property loss for home owners and businesses across Australia each year. With out a professional termite management plan and system in place, you are not covered by your home insurance. Causing a financial strain and burden on the home owner to pick up the repair costs out of their own pocket. 

At All Pest Control Cairns, we are the professionals in termite eradication and termite management systems. Joe is our fully licensed termite technician and is also a qualified and licensed carpenter. With Joe's knowledge and skill acquired from both pest control and construction industry. Joe will advise on building design issues that are conducive for termite activity and provide you with solutions to improve or rectify problem area's in the most cost effective way. We offer termite and timber pest inspections, pre purchase inspections, termite treatments and colony control. Termite baiting systems, chemical and physical pre construction termite management systems. Call us today to receive your free quote.

Rodent Control Cairns

Rats living in and around your homes are potentially dangerous to your health through spread of disease such as Weil's Disease (Leptospirosis). This a bacterial infection, you can contract it if you come into contact with the urine, blood, or tissue of the rodents that are infected with the bacteria. This disease can be potentially fatal if contracted. Rats are also responsible for causing house fires all over Australia, they need to chew on hard objects in order to keep their incisor teeth short. This is often electrical wiring being gnawed on which can cause an electrical short and sparks, potentially starting fires in roof voids.

  All Pest Control Cairns, we use baiting treatments and maintenance programs which are highly effective in the eradication of rats and mice. We use Protect lockable rodent stations with baits secured inside using a steel rod system, ensuring the safety of children and your pets at all times.

Rodent management Cairns

Bees & wasps removal Cairns

The Asian honey bee is approximately 10 mm long. Asian honey bees could be easily mistaken for European honey bees which are larger at 15mm to 20mm long. When you see a swarm of Asian honey bees, they are searching for new nesting sites and will vary in size from hundreds to thousands.

Swarms of bees can be found flying or hanging around tree branches, house eaves or gutters as a cluster surrounding the queen bee. Swarms of bees may remain in place from a few hours, up to a couple of days while scout bees are sent out to find suitable nesting sites. Area's such as roof voids in your house make an ideal location. Cairns Bee Removal – All Pest Control Cairns we are experts in bee and wasp removal, call us today on 0401 365 239.

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