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We are the experts in all aspects of termite management systems for Cairns and the greater region, we also provide end of rental lease flea sprays Cairns. Talk to our friendly staff about your free termite barrier quote today, call us today on 0401 365 239.

Termite Treatments Cairns

Cairns is a beautiful place to live, surrounded by lush rain forest and abundance of wildlife. It is also home to many species of very destructive subterranean termites, causing an estimated 1 billion dollars of damage to homes and businesses across Australia each year. 1 in 3 homes in Cairns will be affected by termites with the potential to cause substantial damage and property loss. General house insurance does not cover the repair costs from termite damage, leaving a financial burden on homeowners to pick up the repair costs or even rebuild their home.

We are the professionals in termite control and termite management systems & termite treatments in Cairns. Joe is our fully licensed termite technician and is also a qualified and licensed carpenter. With Joe's knowledge and skill acquired from both Cairns pest control and construction industry. Joe will advise on building design issues that are conducive for termite activity and provide you with solutions to improve or rectify problem areas in the most cost-effective way.

We offer timber pest inspections, pre-purchase inspections, termite treatments and termite colony control. Termite baiting systems, chemical and physical pre-construction termite management systems and under slab reticulation systems, No matter what style of building design you have. At All Pest Control Cairns, we have a termite management system to suit your needs.

Utilizing the latest technologies in termite detection, you can rest assure that All Pest Control Cairns will provide the most comprehensive termite inspections and termite management systems available including flea sprays Cairns. Keeping your home and property investments in Cairns secure, call All Pest Control Cairns for your no obligation free quote on 0401 365 239

Pre-construction termite management

HomeGuard Precision Termite Management Systems, is a physical and chemical subterranean termite barrier in one. Designed for the construction industry. HomeGuard is installed to foundations and penetrations of new buildings or extensions. This is why HomeGuard precision termite management systems is the preferred choice for many leading Australian building companies. Call us today at All Pest Control to discuss protection for your property.

Chemical soil termite barries

Termidor is applied as a continuous chemical soil zone around your home. Termidor is a non repellent to termites, This means that they cannot detect the product and will not avoid the treated area. As a result termites continue to forage through the soil until they encounter termidor and pick up a lethal dose. Termidor has a transfer effect from termite to termite allowing the product to be taken back to the nest. Eliminating the queen and the termite colony. Call All Pest Control Cairns on 0401 365 239.

Termite colony elimination system

Sentricon always active. Is a in ground termiticide rods, that have the benefit of being both a chemical and baiting system in one. Sentricon always active is active from installation, in ground stations around the perimeter of a structure providing continuous protection from day one. The termiticide is transferred through out the colony, providing colony elimination. Sentricon always active provides effective safe and affordable termite control. call All Pest Control Cairns on 0401 365 239.

Termites in Cairns homes, how to know the difference between termites & ants

Cairns is home to many different species of ants & termites. Ants and termites can be easily mistaken for each other especially when their tracks & leads may look the same at first glance. Both will enter your home through small cavities in your walls and floors, however on closer inspection there are some obvious differences if you know what to look for. Termite tracks or mud leads are quite firm to the touch, and may require a little force to break open for an inspection. Ants tracks and leads are very fragile and will fall apart at the slightest touch, this is only an indication as to what the tracks may belong too. Collecting a sample of the insect is the only way to have them correctly identified. 

One of the most obvious differences between ants and termites is their eyes, termites do not have eyes they are blind. When a termite colony has reached a certain size and maturity, the termite queen will start to produce winged female & male termites called Alates in readiness to leave the nest in search for new area's & nesting sites. Once winged termites emerge from the nest and take flight, termites can be seen swarming in their thousands. In Cairns from the beginning of summer through to about March is termite swarming season. These winged termites will normally take flight when the weather conditions are warm and very humid, usually after a good rain-fall.

When this event takes place, it's not a time to be overly concerned about flying termites outside your property. The termites are not going to land on your porch and start eating your house away. Though it is a good idea to check for area's around your house that may be conducive for termite activity, such as leaking taps, timber in contact with soil, any old wood plies or materials stored against your house and pull back any built up garden beds in contact with your walls that may be concealing termite entry points along the slab edges. Cairns is deemed high risk for termite activity, so at the very least having annual termite inspections carried out on your property is essential.

When a termite swarming event occurs, these flying termites are looking for a mate & a suitable place to build a nest. Environmental conditions have to be nearly perfect for this to take place. 99% of the termites will die & those that do survive will have found an area with a constant supply of water with a food source & ultimately a place to build a nest.

 There is only a very short window of opportunity for their survival after the termite swarming event. Old tree stumps, logs and decaying vegetation is the ideal environment for this to take place. When termites start to swarm this will normally occur at dusk, so it's a great time to grab your torch & try and find where the flying termites coming from. If possible collect a sample, so you can have them correctly identified by calling us at All Pest Control Cairns. However if you do notice winged termites emerging from your house, through holes or cracks in your walls. This is definitely a cause for concern, and means that you already have a major well established termite colony in your home. It is very important you do not disturb the termites at this time or try and treat them yourself.  

it is essential to contact a qualified termite technician to perform a timber pest inspection. They will advise on the extent of the infestation and what steps need to be taken, providing you with the best termite management options moving forward. If you have any concerns about potential termite activity in & around your house or property, we are the professionals in all aspects of termite management All Pest Control Cairns, we are only a phone call away. Call Joe on 0401 365 239.


  • do not develop eyes (blind)
  • have a thick waist
  • have straight antennae 
  • have two sets of uniform wings
  • feeds on cellulose from timber


  • Ants have eyes
  • have a pinched waist
  • has segmented antennae 
  • two sets of unequal wings
  • feed on sugars and protein

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