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Can't get rid of cockroaches, they just keep coming back!

The cockroaches just keep coming back even after we spray! here's why, keep reading.

In Cairns we have ideal humid conditions for cockroaches to thrive in & treating them can get a little tricky if you do not have the right approach. Like most people would do, you go & buy some insect spray from from your local supermarket to get rid of your cockroach problem in your home. This seemed to work for a week or two, then for some reason your treatment has stopped working & now the cockroaches have come back.

 Lets take a look at some of the reasons why this happens, your cockroaches didn't just come back, they were still there because not all of them had died. They just started breeding again in other area's of your home.

What are some important key points to consider when treating or spraying for cockroaches. German cockroaches have a breeding cycle of about 10 to 14 days in general. This means cockroach eggs are hatching in this period and around 14 days later the baby cockroaches have reached maturity & are ready to start breeding again. 

This is very important information to know because we can implement pest control treatments in this period to break the breeding cycle, especially when dealing with German cockroaches in Cairns.

We All Pest Control Cairns, use a variety of pest control treatment methods from base sprays,  dusting compounds for cracks & crevices treatments. Including gel baiting applications & flushing agents as part of our integrated pest management to gain complete control over your pest problems in your homes or business. Cockroaches can easily build up an immunity and develop a tolerance to insecticides if not treated correctly, this is why in most cases even after you have sprayed the cockroaches still come back.

 Cockroaches that have only received a mild dose of insecticide but not enough to kill them, will pass on immunity to their offspring. This is why your pest spray has stopped working or is no longer effective against killing cockroaches. So the breeding cycle continues!

Integrated pest control management starts with keeping things clean & where possible air tight food containers should be used for everything in your pantry. Kitchen bench tops should be wiped down every night & rubbish taken out to the bin. Packaging and carboard are great nesting sites for cockroaches to lay their eggs in, so removing unused boxes and cardboard is highly recommended.

At All Pest Control Cairns, we only use registered chemicals approved for safe use in your home. We guarantee our pest control treatments & are covered by our 12 month free service warranty. So call us today for your no obligation free quote on, 0401365239.


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