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Cairns Pest Control Treatments

The best way

Getting the most out of a pest control treatment in Cairns and having it done right the first time, is what we all want. Before your pest controller arrives at your property, it is a good idea to do a quick clean up. This will allow for a far better pest control treatment for you. Items such as clothing, shoes, kids toys, pet bowls etc, should be pick up off the floor or moved away from the wall edges prior to treatment. For external area's, having your lawn cut before we arrive is ideal especially when treating for fleas, ticks and ants around your property. Stored items against externals walls should be moved away temporarily, this will allow for a good clean continuous barrier around the external wall edges. At All Pest Control Cairns, we are always happy to provide advice on preventive measures you can do, which will greatly reduce pest infestations in your home.


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