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Termite Issues

Termite Issues

There are a few things you can do to reduce the threat of termites around your home in Cairns. Firstly getting an annual or biannual termite inspection is highly recommended. Also removing dead trees, stumps and branches from your yard, keeping any stored timbers off the ground. Removing garden beds and foliage from direct contact to your building and repairing any leaking taps around your property.

 Bathrooms, laundry and kitchen area's should be checked for possible leaks or water damage, these area's are often the first point of entry when termites are active in your house. Air conditioning and hot water overflows should be plumbed into available storm water pipes where possible, or at least directed away from walls to prevent moisture from accumulating along slab edges. These are just a few jobs you can do around your house, that will greatly reduce conducive conditions for termite activity, in and around your property. Termite Treatments Cairns - All Pest Control Cairns.


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