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Bee removal Cairns

Asian honeybees & wasps

Asian honeybees are becoming increasingly more active around the Cairns region, invading our homes & with the potential to cause serious harm. Asian honeybees will nest in various locations in & around your home, from compost bins, planter pots, roller doors, wall voids, roof voids, garden sheds, boats, etc. Asian honeybees are highly adaptable & will build a hive almost anywhere. Being an introduced species of feral bee in 2007 the Asian honeybee population in Cairns & FNQ has exploded. A bee sting can be life threatening & can cause a severe allergic or anaphylactic reaction causing death. If you encounter bees at your property, it's not advisable to treat them yourself. Call the professionals & let them take care of the bees for you. Once a swarm of bees is encountered or a hive is located, do not disturbed them. close all your windows, screens & doors, bring your family & pets inside to keep them safe. We are the experts in all areas of pest management, give us a call today at All Pest Control Cairns on 0401 365 239.


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