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Termite Prevention

What can you do to stop termites

What are some of the main causes encountered that are found when termites have entered your house or structure. One of the biggest culprits is raised garden beds too close or against your house! What is the issue with having garden beds against your house you ask, well there's a number of things that can pose serious termite issues. Some constructions methods used to build homes are worse than others & combined with conducive conditions such as built up soil against your house can be a recipe for disaster.  

Older Style homes made from small red bricks, called cavity brick homes are highly susceptible for termite infestations. This is due to the construction methods used to construct these buildings, it's not uncommon to have house footings and the concrete slab below ground level in these older homes. Top of the concrete slab and first row of bricks is referred to as a cold joint, this area is prone to movement and gaps forming which allows insects like ants to enter your home around the skirting boards & window sills. So if ants can find their way in, so can termites right!

This brings me back to potential problems associated with built up gardens along your walls. If the top of your concrete slab is concealed by soil from your garden bed, this is just a termite infestation waiting to happen. Keeping your garden beds away from your walls & or lowering the soil to allow a visual gap of the concrete slab line is a great start, cutting back foliage in contact with the structure so bridging points for termites are removed. Having tree stumps pulled out which have the potential for termite nesting sites to get established, will also limit the threat of termites entering your home.

Built up garden waste such as fallen branches and loose timber around your yard should be removed from your property. Even if you see potential termite problems with your neighbours property such as large dead trees, have a talk with them as they may not be aware of the risks associated. You will be doing yourself a favour by talking to them about it, as termites can travel hundreds of meters from the nest in search of potential food.

There are various ways termites can enter your property, garden & yard maintenance is just one step in the right direction. Having an annual termite inspection on your home is essential, as Cairns and the surrounding areas are classed as high risk for termites. 

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