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Termite Prevention

September 21, 2020

What can you do to stop termites

What are some of the main causes encountered that are found when termites have entered your house or structure. One of the biggest culprits is raised garden beds too close or against your house! What is the issue with having garden beds against your house you ask, well there...
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Do you spray termites your self? the answer is no here's why.

It is very unfortunate for anybody to find termites eating your home away. If you happen to find termite activity inside your home or on your property, the best thing is not to disturb them. Treating termites yourself is not recommended at all, using insect spray on them wil...
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Getting a timber pest report before buying your next house!

Ok, the answer is a little complicated but basically no they don't. Real estate agents under current QLD law, are not required to reveal previous termite inspection reports that have shown to have termite & timber pest damage located in the property they are selling. The onl...
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